This is the potato salad I created for the middle of winter, when I feel like bringing a little Summer into our day, but don't feel like going though all the work!

I liked it so much, that I now make it all the time! Baking the potatoes gives this potato salad a whole new flavorful twist!



Potatoes (I usually use around 8 medium size)

Shallots or Onions



Sour Cream

Pickle Juice (both dill and sweet works)


Salt & Pepper


  1. First I simply BAKE the potatoes in the morning!!! Just like you would for regular baked potatoes...check them with a fork until soft! It usually takes around an hour or more at 375 degrees. Then, let them rest ALL DAY until dinner time. They will cool and slightly harden back up again when you cut them later on! This recipe works great if you have to leave for work all day. Bake them before you leave and let them sit all day.
  2. At dinner time, peel and cut the potatoes into chunks and place in a bowl. The skin will pop right off within seconds per potato, much quicker than peeling when they are hard. Also cut up some chives, and shallots/onions (either work fine) and add to your potatoes. You don't need that many chives or shallots, just add them to your own taste. These are the 3 main ingredients you don't need anything else. This potato salad is all about the potatoes! And by baking them you create an intense potato flavor and a unique chewier consistency! If I do not have any more homegrown potatoes, I purchase the “butter red” potatoes because they have such a lovely intense buttery flavor!!
  3. Now I create a quick homemade dressing using EQUAL PARTS mayo and sour cream! For 8 medium size potatoes I usually start with about a half cup of mayo to a half cup of sour cream...and then I add a SPLASH of sweet or dill pickle juice right out of the jar! Both sweet and dill pickle flavors work well for a slightly different touch! And then I sweeten it up with a spoonful of sugar!!! I add salt and pepper and nothing more!!! I taste the sauce and adjust if needed!!! Make sure this sauce tastes GREAT this is what your potato salad will taste like - don't add it until you know its delicious!!!!
  4. Now add this dressing to your potatoes, chives, and shallots...then mix all together!!! THAT’S IT!!! You really don’t need anything else for this potato salad! Although you can adapt and add whatever you want like eggs or celery...there is really no need it is delicious just like this! If your potatoes are not covered enough with the amount of sauce you made, just whip up a little more sauce it's super quick and easy! ENJOY!!!