There is absolutely nothing better than homemade vanilla extract made from fresh plump vanilla beans and your choice of alcohol!

The difference in flavor from store bought to yours will be incomparable! 





  1. CUT UP VANILLA BEANS!!! You want to slice each one open and cut it into little pieces. Make sure the seeds all spill out eventually! Place all vanilla bean pieces in your cleaned quart size jars!
  2. POUR ALCOHOL OVER BEANS! Make sure all beans are covered...ALWAYS! Add more alcohol later if you have to! Cover with a lid that will not leak & SHAKE!!!
  3. STORE IN A DARK AND COOL CABINET FOR 6-12 MONTHS! The longer the better! Each day that goes by your extract will darken and thicken. You will want to SHAKE it every few days just to break it all up and get it going! Some people do this same process more than once! Reusing a small amount of leftover beans and alcohol when you finish a jar! Store in your dark and cool cabinet!


  • START WITH FRESH PLUMP ORGANIC VANILLA BEANS!!! I have tried all 3 main varieties - Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican. The best prices so far I have found are on Amazon. Do a search for ORGANIC Madagascar, Tahitian, and Mexican vanilla beans. They are always changing. Always use organic or sustainably grown because you don't want to ingest pesticides. I WANT to purchase these locally, but unfortunately can only find them individually wrapped and they are outrageously priced! You can find them in packages of 15-20 online. LOOK FOR FAT & PLUMP! I PERSONALLY USE A LOT OF BEANS!!!  I would AT LEAST use 25 beans in a QUART SIZE JAR!!! It will make your extract much thicker and very potent! The thicker the better! But that's up to YOU! I have used 50 before! That makes it syrupy thick! Not kidding! Some people use as little as 2-3 for a quart size jar! That's not enough for me! I like them SUPER STRONG, THICK, AND ALMOST SYRUPY!! The thickest beans create the thickest extracts!

    THEY SAY: To actually use the B GRADE BEANS, and their reasoning behind this is that they are dryer, and cheaper, so you will get a few more beans in a jar. I say that's kind of silly! I go for the "A" GRADE best quality, fattest, plumpest, with the MOST SEEDS INSIDE EACH BEAN! That is what will make a thick, fantastic vanilla bean extract!

    You decide on which alcohol to use! 750 ML bottles work well in a quart size jar! THE MOST COMMON alcohol & vanilla bean COMBO is 80 proof vodka matched with Madagascar vanilla beans! I've used Stateside, Tito's, and Grey Goose. I WILL SAY THIS - If you use cheap alcohol, expect it not to be as delicious! This is not one to skimp on! USE WHAT YOU WOULD DRINK!!! I used Private Stock Captain Morgan Spiced Rum for the Tahitian Vanilla beans.

    THEY SAY: Tahitian vanilla beans have more "floral" notes to them, but I do not pick up on that. I will bake pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies with this extract. And I used Makers Mark Bourbon for the Mexican vanilla beans! The fragrance of Mexican vanilla beans is SO GOOD, but they are smaller, and more expensive!!! Get creative...there are so many other alcohols that will work!!