This is a bendable and fluffy soft good! The KEY is not to over mix! They only take minutes to prepare and make! Can be used with hundreds of different toppings!

Can be made savory or sweet...YOU DECIDE!




  1. VERY QUICKLY MIX ALL INGREDIENTS TOGETHER IN ONE BOWL WITH A SPATULA - DO NOT OVERWORK..I can not emphasize enough how fast these should come together! The dough is going to look/feel lumpy and sticky, that's what you want! Use a spatula to scrape it all out in one big LUMP onto a HEAVILY FLOURED SURFACE! 
  2. KNEAD THIS DOUGH FAST WITH YOUR HANDS but only add a slight amount of flour at a time on the outside...enough to keep it from sticking to the board and fingers! You want this dough SOFT AND PLIABLE not super tight! The more flour you add creates a tighter dough!!! You want to add just enough flour to form a very soft ball, and it does not have to be perfect! It can still be a little lumpy.
  3. THEN CUT INTO 4 SECTIONS. These will be larger tortillas! You could make 6 if you wanted smaller tortillas.
  4. QUICKLY ROLL EACH SECTION INTO A BALL and use flour to keep from sticking but again again try to use very want the OUTSIDE to be dry and the INSIDE super soft!
  5. FLATTEN EACH BALL OF DOUGH WITH A ROLLING PIN onto a heavily floured surface to approximately 1/8th inch thick. You want them flat and somewhat thin, but not paper thin! Keep them dry and floury on the outside! You are going to dry cook them AS IS in a hot pan with no oil! Have them rolled, ready, and sitting in dry flour until they go into the pan. You don't want them getting sticky and collecting moisture. You can toss a towel over them to keep from drying out if necessary!
  6. HEAT UP A SKILLET TO MEDIUM HEAT BUT DO NOT ADD prepared to adjust heat if tortillas start burning! I like to use my cast iron skillets for these! Shake off excess flour and lay the flat tortillas in a hot skillet to QUICKLY COOK BOTH SIDES! Watch for bubbles...bubbles are good! Do not over cook! Do not walk away! You want them slightly browned and soft - not hard and crispy! You will have to experiment and practice!
  7. REMOVE FROM HOT PAN and lay them flat on a plate or fold in half in a form...they are now ready to accept all your ingredients! Cover with a damp cloth if they need to sit until dinner. They are best soft & fresh right off the griddle straight to the dinner plate!
  8. STORE UNUSED DOUGH IN THE REFRIGERATOR...keep in rolled circles in an air tight container, and remove when you are ready to flatten and cook! Store cooked tortillas in the refrigerator since we don't use any preservatives. You can flash heat them in a pan to warm them up again!


  • You can manipulate these tortillas to your liking. Take the time to experiment with other ingredients, flour, and oils, as well as different ways to cook. This recipe is the start of my homemade pizza I thought it was best to add this easy tortilla recipe FIRST, and then later add a link to my Pizza Dough recipe!



Bursting with flavor topped with peppers, lettuce, cheddar, spicy beef, tomatoes, and my homemade tomato jam!



With lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, spicy chipotle ground beef, sour cream, and a splash of my homemade hot sauce! YUM!!!



THIS JAM IS HEAVEN! I cook it outside during the summer when the tomatoes are super ripe. ROCK CANDY is the secret, although you can use any kind of sugar you wish!



Another homemade sauce I create and cook outside over a Summer fire! I let it simmer all day long, and continue adding delicious tomatoes, and roasted peppers as it cooks!